MM& Coffee + Baking 

MM& Coffee + Baking is a takeaway coffee shop and bakery located in Townsville, North Queensland Australia. The brand was originally “Me, Myself & Coffee” however has undergone a full rebrand and evolved to focus on more than just coffee. The concept for MM& Coffee + Baking is to be able to easily pick up regular takeaway coffee, enjoy fresh housemade focaccia sandwiches and to indulge in the baked sweets available. Situated next to the local supermarket, making it an ideal spot for those on the go or even wanting to slow down. Everyone deserves a little “me time” ~ best served with a coffee and something baked. ︎


Brand Strategy & Solution
Brand Identity & Visual Direction
Product & Packaging Design 
Social Media Assets & Strategy
Signage Design

Illustration: Yosuke Yamauchi 

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